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    Monday, October 04, 2004

    What we have here is the Ohio Doctrine for truth-seeking 

    Those performing sleight of hand (or mouth) used to take pride in not allowing the trick to be seen. The Republican spinners just don't care. They think we're stupid. They think we don't read, can't remember, that they can say anything and we'll buy in. Well, that won't work in Ohio.

    In Columbus, in Cuyahoga Falls, wherever he went this past weekend, President Bush carried a new message of alarm regarding his presidential opponent, Sen. John Kerry. He calls it the Kerry Doctrine, and with it he makes an interpretation (or, more likely, his advisers do so) that is wholly inaccurate - and intended to be. A new commercial based on the Kerry Doctrine has hit the air in Ohio and elsewhere, and Kerry, diverted from the domestic agenda to which he should return and which is important in Ohio, is responding with an ad in kind. It says George W. Bush lost the first debate and now he is lying about it.

    The Bush campaign claims that Kerry believes America must get approval in order to protect itself. In fact, what Kerry said was that he would never cede to another country America's protection or right of pre-emptive attack. He would do what every president prior to George W. Bush has done - and example would be John F. Kennedy's actions during the Cuban Missile Crisis - and that is by dent of fact and force of argument convince the world of the right, not might, of American's actions.

    To resolve any doubt about the games being played here, Ohioblog refers you to the transcript of the debate. Read it. Maybe the Bush camp should do the same.

    - Steve Love

    posted by Ohioblog: A Swing State Journal at 9:00 AM

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