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    Thursday, October 07, 2004

    Say it loud, say it long, say it strong 

    When President Bush debates Sen. John Kerry tomorrow night in a St. Louis town hall forum, he will come armed (yes, he has found new verbal weapons for mass consumption) with material from a new, tougher stump speech. It continues and builds on Karl Rove's genius marketing of the president, ignoring the Duelfer report that America went to war Iraq with a militarily toothless tyrant, ignoring Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's statement this week that he had seen no link between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda and therefore no connection to 9/11, ignoring the assessment of former top official in Iraq L. Paul Bremer that the United States has not inserted enough troops into the country to secure it.

    Because the president and his advisers have become so adept at convincing Ohioans and the rest of America to ignore the failed facts behind the war and to instead concentrate on the notion that U.S. action - almost any action, they seem to argue - makes the world a safer from terrorism, Kerry finds himself confronting a daunting task. He must face down, with only words as his weapon, an action hero of mythic proportions.

    Kerry will try to trap Bush into addressing the issue of a preemptive war based on faulty intelligence and wrong assumptions. Bush won't do it. Maybe someone in the forum audience can frame the question in such
    an inescapable way, something like a Washington Post editorial has done: ``The case of Iraq has shown that it is possible that intelligence on which a war decision may be based may later prove to be mostly wrong. Does that mean the president cannot act in such cases?''

    It is a good question. Someone should crib it and ask it.

    posted by Ohioblog: A Swing State Journal at 10:23 AM

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