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    Sunday, October 31, 2004

    Endorsement MIA: The Vindy 

    The Youngstown Vindicator was to be the last of Ohio's larger newspapers to endorse. It is not, however, available on, the newpaper's two-tier Web site, one part available to freeloaders such as Ohioblog, the other locked and open only to those who are (paid - $5.05 per month) members. So let Blog get this straight: newspapers want to share their opinion on the most important issue of the day but they do not make that opinion available to as many people as possible (on the Internet). Seems counterproductive. In any case, I'll pass the endorsement along when I locate it. Meanwhile, thanks to Greg Mitchell at Editor&Publisher, the newspaper industry magazine, and Erin Olson and Teresa LaLoggia, who have sent endorsements to E&P, here are the overall totals for President Bush and Sen. John Kerry and the breakdown on Ohio endorsements. (It should be noted that some endorsements from groups of newspapers such as Copley's Ohio group, The Repository in Canton, The Independent in Massillon and The Times Reporter in New Philadelphia, are the product of group think.)

    138 newspapers total
    12,068,720 daily circulation

    OHIO (11)
    The Columbus Dispatch (B): 371,551
    The Cincinnati Enquirer (B): 216,509
    The Repository (Canton) (B): 66,014
    The News-Herald (Lake County-Willoughby): 45,366
    The Cincinnati Post (B): 40,618
    News Journal (Mansfield): 32,641
    The Times Reporter (New Philadelphia): 23,956
    The Courier (Findlay) (B): 22,319
    The Advocate (Newark): 22,217
    Chillicothe Gazette: 16,018
    The Independent (Massillon): 12,932

    175 newspapers total
    18,757,511 daily circulation

    OHIO (4)
    Dayton Daily News (G): 183,175
    The Blade (Toledo) (G): 139,293
    Akron Beacon Journal (G): 139,220
    Times Recorder (Zanesville): 21,329

    (The ``B'' and ``G'' following the newspaper name indicates whom the newspaper endorsed in 2000: George W. Bush or Al Gore.

    posted by Ohioblog: A Swing State Journal at 9:02 AM

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