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    Tuesday, October 19, 2004

    An election that is more trick than treat 

    This is Halloween of the political season. No wonder President Bush and Sen. John Kerry have launched their scare campaigns. Maybe they should just wear masks of each other - or one of Wacko Jacko, because as the rhetoric heats up it sounds as if their brains have melted down.

    It has gotten so crazy that police in our neighbor swing state of Pennsylvania are looking President Bush. Northern York County Regional Police say a man wearing a George Bush mask robbed a Commerce Bank near York, Pa. The robber did not reveal a weapon of personal (as opposed to mass) destruction, leading Ohioblog to conclude that Dubya cannot find a WPD any more than he can find a WMD. reports that police did not say how much ``the Dubya doppelganger (I love that word) got away with.''

    According to Kerry, however, the real Dubya hopes to get away with the murder of Social Security as we know it, which partisan observers such as the Wall Street Journal believe is bunk. Even from the other end of the political spectrum, The New York Times says Kerry ``has been criticizing President Bush on Social Security and the draft in a manner that reaches far beyond Mr. Bush's positions.''

    Times columnist David Brooks would agree that Kerry has begun to resort to the-sky-is-falling accusations, which is a miscalculation on Kerry's part because it scares voters not about Bush but about himself.

    Mort Kondracke, executive editor of Roll Call, concludes the president race has come down to ``which candidate can scare the public most about his opponent and reassure people about himself.'' Kondracke believes the scarier of the two is Bush because of his ``novel and risky'' policies including ``preventive war, Social Security reform and health savings accounts.''

    Kondracke uses a term - preventive war - that, according to historian Arthur Schlesinger, a former adviser to President Kennedy, ``has a bad reputation in Washington.'' That's why President Bush has termed what is happening in Iraq as pre-emptive, a war, again according to Schlesinger, that ``refers to a direct, immediate, specific threat that must be met at once.'' We know know that Iraq was not pre-emptive but preventive, a war resting ``not on fact, but on prophecy.''

    What is most scary this Halloween season, Schlesinger points out, is ignoring 200 years of U.S. thinking on global diplomacy, an approach that once made the United States the most admired nation in the world.

    No Stone left unturned

    Consider this from movie director Oliver Stone, in the November issue of Esquire magazine:

    ``The march of time is stunning. It's been one surprise after another. No one could ever have predicted President Reagan and his success. Never. We knew him as a General Electric actor. No one could have predicted the Bush dynasty, either. Such a strange story. In a sense, it's totally Manchurian Candidate. There's George Bush Sr., pushed around by his strong and stunning wife, a perfect match for the Angela Landsbury character. Barbara Bush is the brains and strength of that family, a true matriarch. Young Bush is like the Laurence Harvey figure. Very scary. Very spooky. Brainwashed. He has a vacancy in his eyes. We've all seen it. I don't know why more people didn't see it in the first place.''

    posted by Ohioblog: A Swing State Journal at 11:52 AM

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