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    Thursday, October 21, 2004

    Another day, another poll - and for what? 

    What do presidential polls and vitamins have in common? They're one-a-days. At least one a day. Ohioblog is tired of them, but the most recent comes from Knight Ridder-MSNBC, so homage should be paid to it. (Note: Ohioblog is an Akron Beacon Journal production and the Beacon Journal is a Knight Ridder newspaper, the first Knight newspaper to be precise.) The good thing about the Knight Ridder poll is that it is focused on Ohio and six other battleground states. All that is important at this stage is how these states play out and their subsequent effect on the electoral vote. The outcome in most states is not in question. So the fact that the Knight Ridder poll gives President Bush a one percentage point lead, 46 to 45, in Ohio only serves to reinforce what the day before's Ohio Poll did: This baby is too close to call. You can check the poll averages at, and, more important, see the latest estimate of electoral votes: Bush 227, Kerry 206 and 105 a toss-up, including Ohio's 20 and those of our fellow swing states - Iowa (7), Florida (27), Minnesota (10), New Hampshire (4), New Mexico (5), Pennsylvania (21), Wisconsin (10) and one of Maine's split votes. What's it all mean? Michael Barone at U.S. News & World Report thinks he knows. ``For Bush to be ahead after the pummeling he has taken from Old Media and from the Democratic-funded 527 organizations' $60 milliion-plus ad runs is a considerable achievement,'' he says. ``But of course running ahead two weeks out is not hte same as winning the election.'' Which is precisely why Ohioblog is so tired of the polls at this stage. They're served their purpose. They're given us snapshots in time of how Ohio and the rest of the nation will vote. They no longer can tell us anything we don't know. Only Election Day can do that.

    Is that thinking that I hear?

    There ought to be a quiet period before the election. A week. Two weeks. No ads. No speeches. Just quiet. Let us think about all we've heard and read and process that information. Most Ohioans already have made a decision. But even for those voters, time to think about whose these men are who want so badly to lead us would be time well spent.

    posted by Ohioblog: A Swing State Journal at 10:53 AM

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