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  • Ohioblog: A Swing State Journal

    Friday, September 17, 2004

    A Stern lesson in democracy 

    Ohioblog is not on Howard Stern's wavelength. Maybe it should be, suggests Jim Arnold, site senior producer at, Ohioblog's own home sweet home.

    ``Yo, 'Blog,'' Arnold said, ``I'm not sure if you ever listen, but I'm sure you've read that Howard Stern has spent the past few months bashing George Bush and telling his listeners to vote for John Kerry. Howard is huge in Northeast Ohio among a large group that may never have voted. Could Stern have an effect on the Ohio election?''

    'Blog is more a Don Imus man, but it appreciates the free-speech issues Stern has raised as his show has been targeted by federal officals and removed from markets by some of the giant radio conglomerates. 'Blog may not like what Stern says or how he says it, but 'Blog likes the fact that he has a right to say it.

    Through his show and on his Web site, Stern is trying to facilitate voter registration and get voters to the polls. If this increases Kerry's margin in areas such as Cleveland and Akron, which he will win, Stern could indeed affect the election.

    Stern, in a note on his Web site, says he is neither a Democrat nor a Republican but someone who has ``always spoken openly about my support for Bill Clinton, the great (New York) Gov. Geroge Pataki, Christy Todd Whitman, Sen. D'Amato and Mayor Guilliani.''

    ``The show,'' Stern goes on, ``is under siege. Stem cell research is stifled. Free speech is endangered. The enironment is being ruined. Court appointments, the freedom to have an abortion and everything that makes our country great are about to be compromised for the next four years.''

    Stern's message won't appeal to many Ohioans, but his call to action, while not without its self-serving elements, is

    - Steve Love

    posted by Ohioblog: A Swing State Journal at 10:59 AM

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