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    Wednesday, September 01, 2004

    Our job is to whip your you-know-what 

    Yo, Arnold, you've done it now. You've as much as called out us Ohioans by referring to us as "Girlie-Men."

    We are, of course, in good company.

    California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger borrowed the phrase from an old Saturday Night Live skit, which poked fun (with a very long stick, we might add) at the five-time Mr. Universe. One of Schwarzenegger's attributes, both as an actor and a politician, is that he can poke fun at himself.

    He recently turned the phrase on Democrats in the California legislature because they were not responding quickly enough to balance California's almost always misbalanced budget.

    During his speech to the Republican National Convention Tuesday night, Schwarzenegger made us want to immediately petition our Congressional delegation to send on its way a Constitutional amendment allowing foreign-born citizens to run for president.

    As it stands now, Schwarzenegger's political career will terminate as governor. That's not acceptable. Not after his speech.

    Schwarzenegger looked like The Gipper up there, head tilted upward, chin jutting out, the personification of reassuring confidence.

    ``I thought Arnold Schwarzenegger's speech was brilliant,'' syndicated columnist Mark Shields said on PBS' election coverage program hosted by Jim Lehrer.

    Schwarzenegger entwined his personal story of coming to the United States from Austria when just a child.
    This country has allowed Schwarzenegger to fulfill his dream and then some (that would be Democratic wife Maria Shriver). He serves in life and word a personification of the moderate vein of the Republican Party.

    The party platform remains conservative, perhaps ultra conservative. So it was either miracle or the blessing of cynicism that allowed the people to look upon the former actor as more than the sagging part of himself. (Former President Reagan died Thursday.)

    Regardless their similar demeanor and facial ticks, editors must work with the student writers to assure aggressive yet proper coverage.

    Censorship is not permitted and of the Bush entourage only twins, Barbara and Jenna, pushed the envelope.
    Laura Bush was her usually charming self, and telling stories that humanized a restroom refuge sits across the breakfast table.

    All in all, it was a good night for the Republicans, something similar to when Barack Obama won the hearts and souls of Democrats everywhere. The Republicans were better.

    Right up to the time when Schwarzenegger decided to go after us``Girlie-Men'' in Northeast Ohio whose boats have not been lifted by the Bush rising economic tide.

    - Steve Love

    posted by Ohioblog: A Swing State Journal at 1:15 AM

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