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  • Ohioblog: A Swing State Journal

    Friday, September 17, 2004

    If only they could get Ohio's economy out of its pickle 

    Another update on the state of the Swing Stage economy: Longaberger Co., an equal-opportunity downsizer, has reduced its management and salaried staff by 215, most of the positions being eliminated from basket company's Newark headquarters. This comes on the heels of last week's layoff of 784 manufacturing workers, including some of those in Hartville.

    If Ohio is an economic basket case, it has, at least, found a way to help workers in another state escape their economic pickle.

    As Ohio unions struggle to find ways to use the collective strength of their workers in an employer-dominated world, Toledo's Farm Labor Organizing Committee brokered a deal between workers and the Mt. Olive Pickle Co., Inc.

    ``North Carolina traditionall has been very hostile towards organized labor,'' David Mills, executive director of Common Sense, a Raleigh, N.C., think tank told Toledo Blade reporter Mary-Beth McLaughlin. ``This contract is historic in the sense that it could mean a turning of the corner for labor in North Carolina.''

    Back home in Ohio, labor's turned corners too often in recent years have too often seemed more like brick walls.

    - Steve Love

    posted by Ohioblog: A Swing State Journal at 9:07 AM

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